JIAM’s MOU with IA Engine and membership of IA Engine Global Partners!

2020.12.04 (Fri)

JIAM is pleased to have concluded an MOU with IA Engine which is a digitization accelerator program run by The Investment Association (UK).

This goes back to our meeting with IA Engine in London back in January. We were pleased to discover that IA Engine and JIAM shared similar aspirations in the digitization of the asset management industry and the need to facilitate matching between fintechs with transformative product propositions and the asset management industry players.

IA Engine has been creating a network with overseas investment management organizations named IA Engine Global Partners with members in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha. With the signing of the MOU JIAM is delighted to join this network alongside IMAS of Singapore.

With the signing of the MOU, JIAM plans to feature fintech companies of IA Engine on our JIAM Fintech Square page in our website and hope to be able to exchange information and insights between industry players in the UK and in Japan in bringing digitization and innovation to the buyside industry.

IA Engine’s Website