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Japan Hedge Fund Survey by Alpha Week and Sussex Partners

2021.01.25 (Mon)

Sussex Partners, a hedge fund advisory firm based in Zurich and London, together with AlphaWeek conducted its 2nd survey on the Japanese hedge fund industry. JIAM was pleased to support this survey and we would like to thank the hedge funds in the Kabutocho area who participated. Patrick Ghali, Managing Partner/Founder of Sussex Partners has been a long-standing advocate for Japanese hedge funds and has started conducting surveys to unveil the landscape of the Japanese hedge fund industry.

The report compares the performance by Japanese hedge funds with their US and European counterparts and analyses the underlying factors behind their strong performance (even at difficult times like 2020 and the Global Financial Crisis). It then introduces the survey (based on responses from 22 hedge funds) which covers AUM size, inflow of funds and types of investors, etc. 80% of the respondents believe that they are not well known enough. JIAM looks forward to working with Sussex Partners and AlphaWeek again for raising the profile of Japanese hedge funds which seem to be a hidden gem.