Privacy Policy

1.Basic Principles

The Consortium for Japan International Asset Management Center Promotion (JIAM) abides by all laws and
regulations on protection of personal information and ensures that all officers and employees properly
handle and protect personal information. To comply with legal requirements and enhance personal information
protection,JIAM continually reviews and revises the information management regime.


2.Collection,Use,and Provision of Personal Information

JIAM uses appropriate methods to collect personal information,and make public,specify,or notify directly of
its intended use. JIAM will not use personal information beyond its initial purpose of use without the customer’s


3.Intended Uses of Personal Information

  1.  JIAM will use personal information for the following purposes:
    • Promotion and information provision to entice asset management firms in Japan
    • Business launch support of asset management firms
    • Research and fact finding to strengthen competitiveness of asset management industry
    • Other operations and related activities to achieve JIAM mission.
  2.  JIAM will use personal information only with prior consent,except when providing it to a third party insofar as
    necessary for the purposes specified in (1),or in cases provided for by laws and regulations.


4.Secure Management of Personal Information

JIAM will manage personal information properly and with due care. JIAM will implement all necessary and
appropriate security management procedures to prevent personal information from being accessed without
authorization,lost,manipulated,or leaked.


5.Outsourcing the Handling of Personal Information

JIAM may in certain cases outsource the handling of personal information. In such cases,JIAM will select a service
that takes ample steps to protect personal information,and appropriately supervise them as necessary.


6.Disclosure of Personal Information and Contact Point

With regards to requests to disclose,correct,or cease using retained personal information,or other
requests relating to such information,please contact JIAM from the “Contact Us” section of the Site.


Updated on Jan.31,2017