JIAM FinTech Square (JFS) is an initiative of JIAM, promotes B2B FinTech solutions to asset management firms in Japan. We operates a showroom facility for clients to try and feel various FinTech solutions. Through collaboration with asset owners, asset managers, service providers and consulting firms, our goal is to enhance profitability and efficiency of Japanese asset management industry by leveraging advanced technological solutions.

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For FinTech Firms

Promote in Japan

We demonstrate your FinTech solutions in the JFS Showroom and promoted in client events and meetings.
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Localize for Japan

JFS can help in partnering with local vendors to localize data and user interfaces for Japan.

Feedback from Japan

Our team conducts market research and collects feedback on your fintech solution from clients in Japan.

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For Asset Managers


Showroom for FinTech

Try and feel the lastest FinTech solutions here with customized explanations from our curator. Access by appointment.

Education and Consulting

Join fintech seminars conducted by leading universities and organizations. Explore approaches of adopting fintechs through our consulting service.

Industry-wide Solutions

Participate in creating long term technology solutions to address industry-wide issues in Japan.

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Showroom FinTech Portfolio

Client Servicing caret
  • The only Fintech founded by finance executives specifically dedicated to smart financial translation. Leader in developing specialized multilingual machine translation engines, including Japanese, we help finance professionals cut costs and meet deadlines by joining human and artificial intelligences with more consistent translation solutions.

ESG caret
  • Applies AI to uncover timely Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data, monitoring 8500 companies worldwide including Japanese companies, for investment professionals. We offer transparency into ESG data and analytics that go beyond traditional fundamentals; and deliver timely and investable insights by revealing intangible value and risk factors from unstructured data.

  • A new dimension to investing, using self-learning quant models and big data to assess the performance and sustainability of globally listed companies, including Japanese companies. Arabesque S-Ray™ systematically combines over 200 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics with news signals from over 50,000 sources across 15 languages.

Investment Intelligence caret
  • Minsetsu supplies institutional investors effective meeting with listed companies. Our approach provides both company and investor with a fully compliant solution to the challenge of effective corporate and capital access under the constraints of MiFID II.

  • Crowdsources earnings and economic estimates from 69,545 hedge fund, brokerage, independent and amateur analysts. By collecting estimates from a diverse community of individuals, we've built a highly accurate and representative data set of true market expectations.

  • Israeli AI-WealthTech company specializing on the development and application of advanced self-learning forecasting & ranking algorithms for capital markets utilizing machine learning. Predictions are generated for over 8000 securities to discover best investment opportunities, support existing research and investment processes and structure AI-powered investment products.
  • The ideal platform to convey machine learning signals and investment ideas through a visual analytics solution dedicated to financial data exploration for stock picking and factor investing. We offer direct access to information with effective displays of comparative positions on multiple criteria, screening and parallel back-testing.
  • A data analytics and machine intelligence company that helps financial professionals answer millions of economic and market related questions by scanning over 90,000 customizable actions.
Portfolio Management caret
  • A leader in Cloud based platform for managing the disparate and complex needs of Asset Managers, offers smart digital platform for Asset Managers who are relying on deep data to make intelligent investment decisions, managing risks and providing enhanced services to their investors.

Sales & Distribution caret
  • A platform delivering web-based solutions connecting investors and hedge funds. Hedge fund industry beneficiate from a scalable marketing platform and a high sophisticated investor relations portal.

Knowledge Base

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